3 years ago people helped a deer and a few years later he comes to their house almost every day and stands under the window

In Norway, a family living in a house near the forest came to the aid of a deer that was surrounded by hunters. Such situations are rare, and usually animals tend to move away from the danger zone. However, the rescued deer has been coming to his rescuers’ house almost every day for three years in a row and knocking on the window.

At the same time, lonely 81-year-old Mette Kvam heard a knock on the window, located almost on the second floor by our standards, and was surprised.

She was even more surprised when she noticed that the deer stood on its hind legs and was calmly looking out the window, as if it was waiting for something. Mette decided to treat him to cookies, and the next day the scene repeated itself.

Mette named this unique deer Flippen, due to the fact that tears are often visible in his eyes. Within a few years, this unusual union made Flippen a local celebrity. Its unique ear shape has become a distinctive feature, thanks to which hunters recognize it and do not bother it.

In the summer he goes to the mountains and rarely appears, but in the winter he is always here, sometimes knocking on the window twice a day. Everyone in the village is happy to see him,” Mette shared with reporters.