A 6-year-old boy almost won the golden button with his performance on Got Talent after earning the respect of the experts

Do you remember when you performed in front of hundreds of people at Christmas and end-of-year parties at school? This is the case of a 6-year-old boy, Oscar Donnelly, from Scotland. Since he stopped crawling, his parents, Annie and Chris, found him dancing all the time, and they let his creativity run free from minute zero. There was something in his passion for dancing that made them think it could be his destiny. He not only had the incredible talent for it, but he had an undeniable passion for dancing. Would he be able to go far?

They had no idea that he would one day have the opportunity to present himself to the British Got Talent years later. Instead of focusing his energy on modern dance styles like hip-hop or jazz, Oscar was much more interested in traditional Irish dancing. It was the perfect way to honor his heritage while he was doing something he was passionate about.

As the years passed, Oscar gained more and more talent. He became quite well known among Irish dancing experts. It was only a matter of time before the whole world knew about Oscar’s abilities! So when Oscar’s parents found out about the Got Talent auditions, they knew his boy had to be involved. It was the perfect opportunity for Oscar to shine on stage and share the talent he had been blessed with. But how would he do it on such a big stage full of people?