A German Shepherd Love Story as Pure as Black and White

“These beautiful dogs share their fairy-tale wedding photos with the world”

Some couples are meant to be together, such as these two gorgeous German shepherds.

Kaya and Hades are two beautiful German shepherds who have a beautiful love story to share. The canine pair is the perfect complement to each other, much like their magnificent black and white coats.

Kaya is a White Swiss Shepherd and Hades is a black German Shepherd.  Despite the stark differences in their appearance, they both love to cuddle, long walks, and share a very special relationship.

Kaya and Hades became Internet famous after a Reddit user, Gallowboob, shared their adorable wedding photos with the world.

Of course, Hades looked handsome in his black and white tux, but Kaya stole the show when she showed up looking like the snow-white princess that she is.

Kaya kept Hades on a short leash for the event but was clean in her desire to have a family of her own one day when she posed with a sweet white cat and a white stuffed bear. Did Hades get the hint? That remains to be seen.

But their owners did and decided to add a third edition to their family. A cute cinnamon Finnish Spitz completed them and clearly adores Kaya and wants to be as close to her as he can get.

If you like fairy tales, you’ll love following these three beautiful dogs. We can’t wait to see what the future has in store for them and if Hades and Kaya will start a little family of their own. We’ll all have to wait and see.

In the meantime, it’s clear that the puppy is super adorable and getting plenty of attention and was not going to be alone long because the family added two more, and now they make a pack of 5!

We hope you enjoyed these sweet pictures. We look forward to seeing more in the future. Please feel free to spread the joy to your friends.