A hungry bear came out of the forest and went to a village store for supplies: video

Jay Smith serves a variety of customers in his small store. However, that day he had to leave from behind the counter: a hungry black bear wandered into the shop from the forest. He calmly collected supplies for himself, and the whole situation was caught on CCTV cameras.

Jay’s store is located in Cowichan Lake, British Columbia. There is a large national park very close by and the appearance of animals in the area is not uncommon.

But the bears still tried to stay away from people. The camera footage shows a huge adult animal — it not only purposefully entered the store, but also spent some time selecting supplies.

As a result, the bear took a pack of chocolate, several packages of marmalade and cookies. It is noteworthy that even in the packages the forest dweller was able to distinguish the sweets.

The bear did not go far from the store. He ate half of the supplies in the parking lot, and took the rest with him into the forest:


The bear’s behavior was likely influenced by the effects of a dry summer. There is almost no berry harvest, so animals look for food in cities.