A Man Hugs A Sad Pittie Who Was Dumped In The Parking Lot And Takes Her Home

While Rachel and her husband were driving by Harbor Freight, in Oklahoma, a pup standing all alone in the pouring rain caught their attention. They immediately pulled over and they rushed to her side.

The couple felt heartbroken after seeing that the Pittie was scared and left in the cold. She was looking around, hoping that someone would notice her and take her somewhere safe and warm.

Bringing Her To Safety

happy man carrying a dog

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They talked to the workers at the store, who said that the dog was waiting in the parking lot for weeks. The workers believed that she was abandoned, and they fed her every day.

After Rachel and her husband put a leash around the pup’s neck, Rachel’s husband walked her to their car.

“I knew as soon as we pulled up at the parking lot that he would not leave her there. My husband insisted on rescuing her,” Rachel said.

beautiful pittie sitting in a sunlight

As soon as the wonderful dog, later named Lucy, arrived at their home, she hugged Rachel’s husband. Rachel’s heart melted after seeing them together.

Both Rachel and her husband thought that Lucy was lost and they decided to foster her. 

When they brought her home, they did everything they could to find her owners. They posted photos of Lucy on social media, but nobody claimed her, and she didn’t have a microchip.

two dogs sniffing each other
Source: YouTube

The couple had 13 dogs of their own, and they foster for The Outsiders Rescue OK, located in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Lucy was frightened and her foster parents took her to their laundry room so that she could relax. They pampered her with love and care. 

The next day, Lucy’s foster parents walked her in their yard. The first dog they introduced her to was Ellie, who was an alpha female. The two dogs sniffed each other and fell in love at first sight.

When Lucy met the rest of the pack, she immediately fit right in. The compassionate pups welcomed Lucy to their pack, and they taught her how to play.

Sweet Lucy Gets The Life Of Her Dreams

smiling woman and man with pitbull in the car

Ever since they brought Lucy to their home, she formed a special connection with Rachel’s husband. The two of them love snuggling together. She is a daddy’s girl.

“She definitely prefers my husband. It’s like she knows that she was the one who fought for her. That’s her person. If we’re sitting on the couch, she’s on his side of the couch,” Rachel said.

At first, Rachel and her husband didn’t know whether Lucy would stay with them because they kept trying to find her family. Lucy, herself, seemed to have known all along that this was where she belonged.

It’s like she knew she was home. All this time, we were trying to find her owners. Just in case someone was looking for her. We didn’t know if she was gonna stay. After about a month, I just knew she’s not leaving, Rachel said.

happy pittie outside

From the moment Rachel and her husband held her in their arms, they fell in love with Lucy. After nobody claimed her, they adopted her through Outsiders Rescue OK, making her the happiest dog in the world.

Lucy found her place under the sun. The love her new family gave her helped her get rid of her fears and turn into a confident dog.

Her family often posts updates about their pack on their Instagram. Lucy has never been happier. She enjoys doing zoomies in the yard and taking naps. The beautiful Pittie lives the life of her dreams.