A postal worker constructs a ramp to enable his elderly dog companion to greet him when he arrives

Frank had been a postal worker for over 20 years, and for the past 15, he had shared his daily routine with his loyal companion, a sweet-natured elderly dog named Buddy. Buddy had always been a faithful friend, eagerly waiting for Frank to come home from his long days on the mail route.

However, as Buddy had grown older, he had developed mobility issues, making it difficult for him to climb up the front steps of their house to greet Frank at the door. Frank had tried lifting him up, but it was becoming increasingly difficult as Buddy’s weight had increased over the years.
One day, Frank had an idea. He was handy with tools and decided to construct a ramp that would make it easier for Buddy to get up the steps. He spent his days off measuring and cutting wood, carefully constructing the ramp to fit perfectly alongside the front steps.

After a week of hard work, the ramp was complete, and Frank couldn’t wait to see Buddy’s reaction. As he pulled up to his house, he honked his horn, calling out for his furry friend. He watched as Buddy, who had been napping on the porch, perked up his ears and slowly got up. As Buddy approached the ramp, Frank held his breath, hoping it would work. To his delight, Buddy slowly made his way up the ramp, tail wagging with excitement. When he finally reached the top, Frank was waiting for him, tears in his eyes as Buddy nuzzled his hand, his eyes full of gratitude.

From that day on, the ramp became a part of their daily routine. Frank would pull up to the house, honk his horn, and watch as Buddy made his way up the ramp, eager to greet his friend. It was a small act of kindness that had made all the difference, and Frank was grateful for the opportunity to show Buddy just how much he cared