A tiny injured puppy was found crying out in severe pain. It seems the puppy has difficulty trusting and is hesitant to depend on anyone

Once upon a time, in a small town, a little puppy was discovered crying intensely due to the amount of pain it was experiencing. The puppy had been hurt and was in desperate need of help.

A kind passerby saw the puppy and immediately took it to the veterinarian for treatment. The vet examined the puppy and discovered that it had been hit by a car and had some broken bones. The puppy was given the necessary medical attention and was expected to make a full recovery. Despite receiving the necessary medical care, the puppy was still very upset and appeared to have trust issues. The puppy was not willing to rely on anyone and kept to itself, hiding away in the corner of the room.
The kind passerby who rescued the puppy felt sad about the puppy’s behaviour and decided to spend some time with it every day. The passerby would talk to the puppy, give it treats, and play with it, hoping that it would start to trust people again. Days turned into weeks, and the puppy slowly started to warm up to the passerby.

It would come out of its hiding spot and wag its tail when the passerby came to visit. The puppy started to show signs of improvement, and it was clear that it was on its way to recovery. One day, the passerby brought another dog to play with the puppy. The puppy was initially hesitant, but after a few minutes, it started to play with the other dog, and both dogs had a great time. The passerby was overjoyed to see the puppy finally trusting other dogs and people.
From that day on, the puppy started to become more social and friendly towards other dogs and people. The passerby continued to visit the puppy regularly, and the two of them became great friends.
In the end, the puppy found a loving family to adopt it, and it lived happily ever after. The puppy learned that not everyone would hurt it and that it was okay to trust people again. The passerby felt proud of the puppy and knew that it had played a part in helping it recover.