After surviving abuse and over 450 days in the shelter, dog finally finds forever home

It’s heartbreaking how many dogs suffer from abuse and neglect. But even animals who have been through the worst circumstances can still find a happy ending and a loving home, thanks to kind rescuers.

That was the inspiring story for one Arkansas dog, who went from an abusive home to a lengthy stay at a shelter to finally finding a perfect home.

In March 2022, a dog named Neo ended up in a North Little Rock shelter on an animal cruelty case, according to a Facebook group post. He was considered evidence in the case and not allowed to leave the shelter.

After surviving severe abuse, the poor dog ended up staying in the shelter for well over a year. After 450 days, a shelter employee contacted Ali Paepke, program manager at the nearby Best Friends Pet Resource Center.

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Facebook/Ali Paepke

Ali was initially unsure if her rescue could do anything to help Neo. “When dogs have been locked up for that long they can have issues,” she told KENS 5. “And it can be really hard to rehabilitate them, especially if they’re in there because of abuse.”

However, Ali was “blown away” after meeting Neo. “To meet a dog who had been through all of that who just immediately trusted you and immediately wanted attention from you was just mind-blowing,” Ali said.

The rescue provided Neo with a temporary foster home. Ali said that Neo’s story was a reminder of the difference they were making in animals’ lives.

Despite everything he had been through, it was evident that Neo was ready to be put up for adoption, and Best Friends Pet Resource Center began looking for a forever home for the sweet dog.

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Facebook/Ali Paepke

When Linda Songbird heard Neo’s story, she knew she could be the one to finally give Neo the home he deserves, calling it “love at first sight.”

Linda adopted Neo on August 6, and it’s been a happy ending for both of them ever since. “It makes your life worthwhile. And he’s wonderful,” Linda told KENS 5. “He’s there as soon as you come in. He’s right at the door. Happy to see you!”

We’re so glad Neo finally has a home! Thank you to this rescue for taking him in and getting him adopted!

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