Blind Senior Pup Couldn’t Contain His Excitement When He Smelled His Beloved Family After Being Missing For Years

When Binky went missing, he was 15 years old. His family was terribly worried about him. At the time, they were in the middle of moving to another home. They put everything on hold and started searching for their beloved pup everywhere.

Binky had a microchip, and his family kept hoping that somebody would find him and call them. They delayed their moving as long as they could, but eventually, they had to move.

Three years passed and the family lost all hope of ever holding their lovely Binky in their arms again.

As they tried to continue with their life without him, little did they know that they would soon receive the happiest news.

Binky Reappears

matted dog

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A kind-hearted person found the dog who was in a terrible state. He was roaming the streets in Summerville, South Carolina. They immediately reached out to Dorchester Paws and asked for their help.

“His fur was so matted everywhere, especially on his eyes. It was hard to tell if he even had eyes. His nails were so overgrown they curled, he smelled horrible and his teeth were rotting,” April Howard, the director of Dorchester Paws, told The Dodo.

The staff transferred him to the vet clinic right away.

dog in a bad condition

The medical team shaved his matted fur and the pup felt relieved to finally open his lovely eyes.

The vet started giving him medications in order to ease his pain. The lovely dog was brave and he let his caregivers know that he was alright. He was very friendly towards them and he stole their hearts with his sweet behavior.

As soon as the pooch finished with his makeover, his vets scanned him for a microchip. They were over the moon when they found out that the pup had owners.

They instantly called the dog’s family to give them the happiest news.

The Dog’s Family Gets The Surprising News

senior dog at vet's office

When Binky’s family received the news that their boi was found, they couldn’t believe it. They were astonished.

“The family was in disbelief. They said, ‘Are you sure it’s Mr. B.?!’” Binky was already a senior when they adopted him, so they never thought they would see him again,” Howard said.

Everyone was surprised that fragile Binky managed to survive while living as a stray for such a long time.

However, the most surprising thing about Binky’s reappearance was the fact that he was found far away from his home in Georgia.

The Long-Awaited Reunion

dog lying in a kennel

The shelter staff was excited and they couldn’t wait to reunite the pup with his family. Binky’s parents were eagerly waiting to have him in their arms again.

Although the doggo’s family lived six hours from the shelter, the staff immediately carried him to the car and drove him home.

As soon as Binky’s parents saw their sweet pup, they couldn’t hold back their tears. They gently took him in their arms and hugged him.

Since the pup was mostly blind and deaf, he couldn’t see the loving faces of his family or hear their voices.

But, the moment he smelled his family for the first time in three years, the pup realized that he was home. He melted in his mom’s loving arms. Binky couldn’t stop smiling. He was very happy to be back.

Although Binky couldn’t see his parents, he could feel their love. He missed them very much all these years. His family was all smiles as Binky covered them with adorable little kisses.

woman holding senior blind dog

Binky’s parents gave him all their love and care, and they made sure he knew how much they adored him. Binky was over the moon to soak up their immense affection.

Sadly, shortly after he returned home, Binky’s health began deteriorating.

The pup’s family stayed by his side. They stroked him tenderly and kept telling him how much they loved him. They held him in their arms as he crossed the rainbow bridge.

Binky’s family will always love him and they will never forget him. They wish they could have spent more time together, but they’re happy that their dear Binky came home and spent his final days surrounded by infinite love.