Cat clutches onto woman and refuses to let go in this heart-warming video

In early January, a couple stopped to look at some cats who were available for adoption. They had an older cat at home and a young toddler, so they wondered if any of the cats in the store would fit with their family dynamics. It was when they looked at one cat that caught their attention that the interaction went viral.
Jessica Parken and her fiancé Andy Brumagen saw a large tabby cat and inquired about him. Unfortunately, the cat was not a good fit for a home with an established senior cat and a young boy. But the couple wanted to give the big cat some love and attention before they left.

When Parken took the tabby out of his enclosure, the big guy buried his face in her shoulder and wrapped his paws around her. She gently pet his back while he rubbed and head-butted her face while Brumagen recorded void of the interaction. “He’s been there for two weeks because apparently he isn’t good with other animals or kids. I wanted him so bad and I wanted to name him ‘Clutch’,” Parken stated.
When Parken went to put Clutch back in his cage, the cat desperately tried to hold onto her. “When I had tried putting him back he legitimately clutched onto me and I shed a couple tears. It broke my heart that he wasn’t home with me,” Parken explained.
Although they couldn’t bring him home, the couple still wanted to help Clutch find his forever home. They shared the video Brumagen had taken of Parken and the cat with the Cat-tholicsclub Facebook group dedicated to helping cats find loving homes. The video went viral, and soon the adoption applications were pouring in from people who wanted to adopt Clutch!
On January 24th, Parken found out the good news. “This magical beast has found a home! The adoption sign is down!” she reported. We hope that Clutch has found the loving home he deserves. Watch Clutch’s Facebook video and share his story with your family and friends on Facebook.​