Crafts that are really cool

If you love working with wood, you will love these handmade wood projects that sell great at craft fairs If you are somewhat handy and like woodworking, then you can jump on the farmhouse decor craze and start selling some cool handmade wood projects.

There are many online tutorials that can take you from beginner to expert with some practice! Most experts recommend using hand tools instead of power tools when starting out.

This will help you hone your technique and unleash your creativity. Power tools are faster for small projects but are not as easy to use for intricate finishes.

If you are just beginning as a woodworker and are not super handy with a lathe, wooden signs are a great place to start.

Everyone loves wooden signs with quotes at the moment and you can make them using stencils and paint that you can buy at most craft fairs.

Handmade children’s toys are hot sellers. Montessori parents love them and they are perfect for anyone trying to reduce their plastic consumption.

Consider classic toys such as a Jacob’s Ladder, an abacus, blocks and wooden puppets. Larger toys such as puppet theatres, dollhouses and wooden trucks are also really great.