Deer Brings Her Babies To Meet Her Best Friend — A Golden Retriever!

Speaking of unusual friendships, the the following might be one of the most incredible ones you have ever witnessed.

Buttons is a deer who made friends with a Golden Retriever named G-Bro. But this friendship wasn’t just a one time thing. Instead, it has started 11 years ago and it still lasts. What’s most, Button’s fawns have also become an important part of the canine’s life.

When Buttons became a mom for the first time, she was eager to take her little ones to her best friends.

And as gentle as G-Bro is said to be, he was overly excited to meet his friend’s babies.

In the video below, the dog could be seen greeting the fawns with gentle licks and playing around with them the way he has played with their mom over the years.

Those who have seen the footage jokes that G-Bro makes an amazing ‘step-dad’ to the little fawns and is of great help to his friend.

Buttons visiting G-Bro has turned into a tradition the entire family loves and looks forward to. When she arrives at the family’s home, she sometimes paws at the door in order to announce her presence.

The favorite activities of these two buddies are hiking through the woods and frolicking in the snow with incredible excitement.

Button’s story is one of love and resilience. She was rescued by G-Bro’s family years ago. Namely, the family got a call about a deer that got injured in a car accident and they were more than likely to step in.

They took Buttons in and nurtured her until she was ready to get back into the forest. But she never forgot the kindness she received and the love and affection she felt both from the family and their precious dog.

The enduring friendship between Buttons and G-Bro is a sweet reminder that love knows no boundaries, even when it comes to different species. It’s true that at times, the most extraordinary friendships can blossom in the most unexpected places.

For more on this beautiful friendship and sweet bonding between these dear and dog go to the video below. Heart-melting indeed.

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