Despite Being Crowned as The “Uk’s Most Unattractive Pooch,” This Dog Is Undeniably Adorable

Peggy is a unique dog, standing out from the crowd of fluffy, cute pups that typically gain fame. Unfortunately, Peggy gained notoriety for being labeled as “The most unattractive dog in Britain.” Despite the seemingly harsh title, Peggy’s owners are proud of her accomplishments and adore her just the way she is.

Peggy’s journey hasn’t been a smooth one. As a Chinese crested pug mix, she was the final pup from her unplanned litter to find a home. Her unique appearance, including a floppy tongue and sparse fur, deterred potential adopters who preferred more conventionally cute puppies. However, Holly Middleton from Leven, East Yorkshire, was drawn to Peggy’s “quirky” appearance and took her in at six months old.

In an interview with the BBC, Holly, who is 36 years old, recognized that her dog is a bit like “Marmite.” Peggy has tufts of hair on her ears and head, coupled with a completely hairless body and an elongated tongue that sticks out of her mouth.

It was in 2018 when Holly first met Peggy and immediately fell head over heels for her, adding, “We adored her the moment we lay eyes on her… I simply felt bad for her, sitting there with no hair and her tongue hanging out… I just had the feeling that no one wanted her.”

Thankfully, Peggy is in good health and has no issues eating or drinking despite her long tongue.

Holly entered Peggy into a contest held by Parrot Print, a photography printing company that aimed to crown the UK’s most unattractive dog. Among the seven contestants vying for the title and a prize that included grooming and a photo session, Peggy emerged as the winner. Despite being labeled the “ugliest” dog, Peggy has proven to those around her that true beauty goes beyond physical appearance.

Although Peggy’s appearance may not be conventionally attractive, Holly shared that it doesn’t hinder her from enjoying life to the fullest. As a dog lover, Holly embraces Peggy’s distinctive qualities and even admitted to forgetting that her furry friend is not like other dogs.

“It has always been like that but it doesn’t stop her from doing anything, she can eat she can drink, it does go in her mouth, it just doesn’t stay there,” she said.

Peggy has captured the hearts of people all over the country and has risen to celebrity status. “Despite Peggy winning…the UK title, we think she is lovely both inside and out and wouldn’t alter her for the world,” Holly said, adding that she is the sweetest and most loving dog one could wish for. It’s amazing how Peggy went from an abandoned puppy to a global sweetie!

We wish that Peggy is enjoying herself to the fullest!