Dog Abandoned By Her Owners After They Moved Out Is Terrified Of Her New Rescuers

It’s a particularly cruel thing to abandon dogs who have been with you for years and not even try to find them a new home.

What’s even worse is that a lot of owners would simply leave their dogs where they last stayed and all they can do is starve. It’s absolutely tragic and should not be allowed.

In this story, we will talk about a sweet dog who was abandoned by her owners after they moved out of their house.

She Is So Timid

dog in a cage

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After her owners left her behind, Lacy struggled on her own. A group of rescuers found her and gave her a new chance after she was cruelly abandoned by her owners.

However, this abandonment had stuck with her. She was really sad and scared of other people, as she didn’t know how to behave around them.

The rescuers took her to a shelter where she was given food and water. They also had her undergo a routine checkup to see if she had any health problems.

dog laying under the blanket

They found that she had heartworms and was probably catching a cold; however, that was nothing they couldn’t deal with.

What surprised them the most was just how closed she was about interacting with any people. She was always tired and depressed. This needed to be addressed.

The rescuers assumed that the home she came from was not a happy one, and that it’ll be a while before she can trust someone again.

While it was sad to see her go through such things while she was so young, she is now safe and in the care of people who will help her.

Lacy’s Incredible Progress

black dog walking trough hall

Lacy was taken into foster care where they will show her that she is safe and can relax around new people.

In the foster care, she even started wagging her tail a bit, which was a good sign, as it meant that her mood was improving and she was starting to believe in humans again.

She even started moving out of her own little place and walking around the house for a bit. Lacy was getting more comfortable.

After three weeks, her mood improved a lot, and she is always happy to see her foster parents. Her little tail wags are so adorable.

close view of black and white dog

However, this was not the end of the journey. It was time for Lacy to turn a new chapter in her life.

This meant that she was going to be placed on an adoption list, so she could find a forever home for herself.

While we don’t know what happened next, it’s important to look at her current situation, and we will easily realize that her foster parent will make sure she finds the right family.

I have no doubt that she is enjoying her time with someone special and has learned how to overcome her fear of meeting new people.