Dog Runs Up to Police Officers and Jumps in Car — Note on her Collar Reveals Heartbreaking Story

When police officers in Platteville, Wisconsin, received a call about a loose dog in Moundview Park, they had no idea they were about to uncover a heartbreaking story. As they arrived at the scene, the dog immediately ran towards one of the officers, as if seeking assistance. In a surprising turn of events, the dog even hopped right into the officer’s squad car, as if indicating she needed help urgently. What caught the officer’s attention was a note attached to the dog’s pink collar. The note read, “Please help. Take me to a shelter. My name is Lola.”

While the circumstances surrounding Lola’s abandonment are still unclear, it seems that she was left on the streets by her former owners. The Platteville Police Department is now calling for the public’s assistance in locating Lola’s owners, so they can provide them with additional information. Although it is heart-wrenching to see a dog abandoned in such a way, the situation may not be as simple as it seems. People speculate that Lola’s owners might have been facing difficult circumstances, making it hard for them to take care of her. One commenter on the department’s Facebook post wrote, “You never know what is going on with people… Maybe they’re homeless or have no money. Could just be they were trying to do better for this pup. Was it the best choice? No. But maybe it was the only one they had. Glad she’s in good hands now.”

As of now, it remains a mystery who left Lola in such desperate conditions and why. In an update shared by the police department, it was mentioned that Lola is currently under the care of the Platteville Vet Clinic and is available for adoption. If you’re in the area and interested in adopting Lola, you can contact the clinic at 608-349-6726 for more information. Remember, it’s heartbreaking to witness any dog left alone on the streets, and Lola’s eagerness for help is a clear indication of her need for love and care. Let’s spread the word about Lola and hope she finds a loving home soon!

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