Dog was cruelly discarded at the bottom of the garbage bin, sick with a tumor.

Dogs are our closest pals, thus they should be valued, looked after, and adored.

Unfortunately, a lot of dogs are still discarded like trash when they are sick or undesirable, in addition to being abandoned. In the Brazilian city of Botucatu, a sick dog with tumors was recently abandoned in the bottom of a garbage. She was terrified and severely underweight. Thankfully, Palhinha Rodrigo, a decent person, saw her and escorted her outside. Palhinha captured the tragic scene on camera and posted it to social media. When everyone saw the video, they were unable to contain their tears.

She received prompt assistance from several rescuers, who rushed her to the Municipal Kennel’s veterinarian for emergency care. Her given name was Florzinha (or Little Flower translated from Portuguese).
The veterinarians discovered a large tumor and stomach ulcers after washing her and looking for Florzinha. Before the veterinarians decide whether to remove the tumor, she will first get medical treatment. She may need to remove the entire mammary chain because little cancers were discovered in several mammary glands as well.