Every night, an abandoned dog returns to the sandwich shop to receive its free meal

There was a small sandwich shop located on a quiet street corner. It was run by a kind-hearted couple who had a soft spot for animals. Every day, they would put aside a few scraps of food to feed any stray cats and dogs that wandered into their shop.

One night, as they were closing up shop, they noticed a dog sitting outside, staring at them with big, pleading eyes. The dog was skinny and looked like it had been wandering the streets for a while. The couple took pity on the dog and offered it some of their leftover sandwiches.
To their surprise, the dog devoured the food in seconds and then wagged its tail gratefully at the couple. From that night on, the dog began returning to the sandwich shop every night, waiting patiently outside until the couple finished their work and gave it a free meal.

The couple became fond of the dog and decided to give it a name – they called it Scrappy. They noticed that Scrappy was always alone and seemed to have no owner, so they began to take care of it as best they could. They would give it a warm bed to sleep in during the night and plenty of food and water to keep it healthy. As the weeks went by, Scrappy’s health improved and it began to look much healthier and happier. The couple even noticed that Scrappy had developed a routine – it would arrive at the sandwich shop every night at the same time, patiently waiting for its free meal.

One day, a man came into the sandwich shop and noticed Scrappy lying asleep in its bed. He asked the couple about the dog and they told him the story of how it had wandered into their lives. The man looked surprised and said that Scrappy had actually been his dog, but he had lost it a few months ago and had given up hope of finding it again.
The couple were overjoyed to hear that Scrappy had an owner, and they arranged for the man to take the dog home with him. However, the man noticed that Scrappy still had a strong attachment to the sandwich shop, and he suggested that they continue to bring Scrappy to the shop every night for its free meal. The couple agreed, and Scrappy continued to visit the sandwich shop every night, receiving its free meal and plenty of love and attention from the couple who had rescued it.

And so, the small sandwich shop became a beacon of hope for Scrappy, a place where it knew it would always be welcome and cared for. Every night, it would return to the sandwich shop, not just for the free meal, but for the warmth and kindness that it had found there.