Family Noticed An Injured Stray Dog Resting On Their Porch, So They Decided To Help

While stray pups wander the streets, their hearts flicker with hope that their luck will soon change.

Their greatest wish is to find a place to call home and have a family who will love them and make them feel safe.

Betsy was one of those strays who longed to feel loved and cared for. It was something she craved for all her life.

After she got hurt one day, she knew she had to ask humans to help her. As she walked around the neighborhood, her heart led her to the doorstep of a family whom she had never seen before.

Tired and injured, she curled up in front of their house, hoping that they would help her.

Hoping To Meet Good Humans

a curled up stray dog lies on a mat

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When April and Joe Sullivan opened their front door, they were surprised to find a black dog lying on their porch. The first thing they noticed was the sad look in her eyes. The pooch looked as if she was about to give up on herself. 

The Sullivans stroked the dog and tried to make her feel better. They felt heartbroken when they realized that the doggo was injured, and that she was unable to walk on her own.

The couple’s granddaughter was there, too. Joe always taught her to be cautious around pups she didn’t know, but from the beginning, it was clear that they could let their guard down in front of sweet Betsy.

“…There was something about Betsy. Even as sick as she was, [she] bent down to pet her, she was licking her. She was nothing but… just sweet,“ said April.

Their granddaughter’s heart melted after seeing that Betsy liked her. She was enchanted with the delightful pooch and couldn’t stop looking at her.

Betsy Gets The Help And Care She Needs

a man saved a stray dog and holds it in his arms

As soon as the family fed Betsy, they decided to take her to the vet. Joe gently took her in his arms. While he carried her to his car, he gave her a loving kiss. The doggo felt safe. 

Joe and April didn’t know how Betsy got injured, but they assumed that she had been hit by a car. They also knew that the pup would need a permanent home after she recovered.

Once Betsy received a full veterinarian checkup, the vet informed the Sullivan family that she had nerve damage, and that she would need a lot of care.

Joe took Betsy home. He and his wife cared for her and cuddled her. They made sure she knew how much they loved her.  

Getting The Love She Craved

a woman petting a black dog on a leash

Betsy was very affectionate and grateful for all the love and care the family gave her. She licked  their faces and gave them sweet kisses. She was letting them know that she loved them, too.

The loving canine stole April’s heart, and the couple decided that Betsy would stay in their home forever. Joe admitted that he wanted to keep Betsy ever since he saw her. He was just looking for a way to make it work.

The family’s other dogs usually don’t get along with other pups, but they accepted Betsy into their pack.

“Our dogs typically don’t like other dogs. She loves our dogs. They don’t love her as much as she loves them, but they have all gotten along so well and that’s not normal for our dogs,” said April.

Thanks to her family’s excellent care, Betsy made an extraordinary recovery. She is able to go up and down the stairs all by herself.

The Sullivans were thrilled to see that Betsy transformed into a happy pooch who loved life.

Knowing that Betsy’s greatest wish came true makes me feel overjoyed. She deserved to be showered with the love that she lacked while living on the streets. Betsy will never be left alone again.

I hope that all stray pups will get rescued from the streets, and that they will find their way to their forever home. All stray dogs are equally worthy of feeling loved and cherished.