Family Reunites with their Beloved Lost Dog, Bringing Tears of Joy

Have you ever had that heart-wrenching moment when you lost something incredibly dear to you, only to have it miraculously reappear when you least expected it? The surge of emotions that overwhelms you at that very moment is indescribable, isn’t it? It’s like the happiest feeling in the world. Well, let me share with you the incredible tale of this remarkable family. Beyond a mere possession, this family lost their beloved dog several years ago, and with each passing day, hope dwindled. But against all odds, a miracle took place, and they were blessed with an extraordinary reunion. The sheer joy they experienced when they laid eyes on their cherished canine companion once more is beyond words. It’s a testament to the power of love and the incredible resilience of the human spirit.

In June 2022, when Juicee made her way to the Austin Animal Center, the shelter team and volunteers assumed she was another stray dog. Without a microchip or any identification tags, she had to undergo a mandatory three-day stray hold before becoming eligible for adoption.

Regrettably, the adorable little pup ended up staying at the shelter for more than 300 days, with no adoption applications coming her way.

“Juicee was in great condition when she was first brought in,” Kelsey Cler, the marketing and communications manager for Austin Animal Center, said. “She was hesitant with strangers and showed some touch sensitivity. Her kennel presence wasn’t great, which contributed to her long stay.”

As Juicee spent more time at the shelter, she gradually developed a greater sense of trust and became more comfortable in her surroundings. “She had a group of volunteers who handled her, and she loved everyone once she was introduced to them,” Cler said, adding that she also liked playing with other dogs at the shelter.

To increase Juicee’s chances of finding a loving family, her photo was shared on the Austin Animal Center’s Facebook page, hoping to connect her with a potential forever home.

Image source: Austin Animal Center

However, just like every dog at the shelter, the staff had a strong desire to find Juicee a loving home of her own. So, when they posted her picture on social media, they held onto high hopes that the right people would come across it. And their hopes were not in vain – the perfect individuals did indeed spot her photo.

One year prior, Juicee’s family received devastating news from a neighbor, who informed them that their beloved dog had passed away.

“There can be a lot of prejudice around pit bull ownership,” Cler said. “We can really only speculate on why the neighbor didn’t want the dog reunited with her family.”

After the family moved to Miami, one of its members remained active in the Cubanos de Austin Facebook group, where Juicee’s photo was shared. When they discovered that their dear dog was still alive, they wasted no time. Packed with excitement, they embarked on a 20-hour road trip from Miami to Austin, eagerly anticipating the long-awaited reunion with their furry friend.

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“Juicee was SO HAPPY!” Cler shared about the reunion. “No hesitation or touch sensitivity with her family — she was all over them, and they were all over her.”

Family members of Juicee were shocked at the reunion. “They just couldn’t believe it,” Cler said. “They really thought she was dead. Lots of tears … They headed straight back to Miami with her.”