German Shepherd And Baby Bestie Are Only One Month Apart

“German shepherds make great family dogs and lucky is the kiddo who gets to grow up with one watching her back…”

Like this little girl named Tommi whose best friend is a German shepherd named Ace. The two are just a month apart in age and their mom has been documenting the special relationship on TikToc.

Tommi and Ace are truly besties and love to spend time together. They share a very special friendship that includes lots of love, plenty of sweet kisses, and you can bet lots of future mischiefs.

But their friendship goes much deeper than just having fun together. About their relationship, their mom Amanda says,

“Ace chooses to be by Tommi…Her presence is one that is welcomed and wanted by him. This isn’t something that can be forced or fabricated. With care and attention, their bond formed naturally and with mutual respect.”

Ace is adored, an important part of their family, and their best friend.  Amanda appreciates his tenderness and care toward Tommi and how much he truly adores her. He’s her best friend, cuddle buddy, and more.

About Ace, she says:

“It’s never just a dog, they’re so much more than that.”

Of course, they love to play with each other but Ace also enjoys sitting close by and watching Tommi play with her toys. He always wants to be by her side, watching over her in that special way that German shepherds have toward their favorite people.

Another one of his favorite things to do is to get sweet pets from Tommi while he rests his head near her tiny lap. He’s a lucky dog to have such a loving family and it’s clear the feeling is mutual.

Not to mention, Tommi doesn’t know it yet but she is one of the safest babies on the planet. Ace will no doubt always have her back and will never be far from her side. The two have a lot of special moments heading their way that Amanda will capture to share with us all.

We look forward to more of these two. We hope you enjoyed their story. As always, please feel free to share with your friends.