He performed during the competition and received good evaluations from the jury. Today he is quite famous

Calum Scott became famous after participating in the Britannia’s Got Talent competition. He did not take prizes, but was remembered by the audience and judges for his original style and beautiful vocals. A year after his participation, he released the masterpiece hit “Dancing on My Own”.

Calum Scott
It is noteworthy that Calum Scott is not from a musical family and he does not even have a musical education. He and his sister were raised by their mother. Their family had a bad financial situation when the boy was a teenager. He and her sister found solace in music. Even then, Calum composed poetry and performed cover versions of various works.
The song “No Matter What” became the fifth song of the album and also gained great fame and popularity. Calum admits that when he writes songs, he doesn’t think about whether it will become popular or not. He just expresses his state of mind in songs. This is how he wins the judges at the talent contest. Many note that Calum Scott has very catchy original vocals.

Calum Scott

From the very first notes it becomes clear who is performing the song. Calum left a big impression on the audience. And although he took sixth place, he became a mega-popular singer not only in Britain but throughout the world. He has such soulful and touching songs that no listener can remain indifferent. Calum himself is a very modest and calm person who always treats his listeners with simplicity and respect. For this quality, he is especially loved by his fans. Calum Scott has not only soulful and meaningful songs, but also very interesting clips. He takes a very responsible approach to the issue of video clips, carefully considers the plot. His videos on YouTube are gaining millions of views, and all thanks to the talent and artistry of the performer.