He Withered Away After Being Struck, Poor Baby Prayed They’d Still Come

Although this tale starts with heartbreak, it culminates in the best possible outcome. Regrettably, due to the many injustices in the world, some believe that taking action is futile. However, this story serves as a powerful reminder that this isn’t the case. Every living being deserves a chance! This is the story of Recka.

Found in a truly distressing state, Recka was separated from his mother, possibly abandoned by his owner, and then struck by a car. He lay helpless, on the brink of fading away. At the time of rescue, Recka weighed only 1 kilogram (2.2 pounds)!

Fortunately, someone with a compassionate heart picked him up and decided to provide him with the necessary medical attention. Animal care in this region can be incredibly costly, but that didn’t deter the determined animal rescuer, She Rojas. Rojas believed Recka deserved a second shot at life, and she was absolutely right!

Recka underwent a thorough examination at the vet’s office. All of his injuries, including severe malnutrition, were addressed. His frail frame was cleaned, and precautions were taken to prevent infections in his abrasions. While he couldn’t stand on his own yet, his eagerness to eat was an encouraging sign! Recka was also diagnosed with mange, requiring daily medicated baths and topical ointment. His new caretaker was more than happy to assist! Throughout it all, Recka showed tremendous resilience!

With a switch to a high-calorie diet and the addition of oral supplements to boost his immune system, Recka swiftly gained weight. The tiny pup miraculously transformed into a healthy, lively boy thanks to love and proper care.