Heartbroken Senior Dog Surrendered To Shelter By His Family Can’t Stop Crying

Many senior dogs end up spending their golden years at shelters after being labeled “unwanted” by their families.

With inevitable health issues on the rise, some owners find it too much to take care of them, causing true heartbreak for these four-legged cuddle bugs.

At 16 years of age, Link found himself all alone, dumped by his family at a shelter. His heartbreaking cries saddened many, but one particular person decided to step in and change his situation entirely!

A BrandNew Start

shelter dog crying

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Carlie Cahill, from Oklahoma, saw a picture of Link posted online, and she immediately fell in love with him. Despite a plethora of health issues he had, Carlie applied in a heartbeat and brought this sweet doggo home.

When they first met, Link had no fur, and he dealt with several serious infections.

“When I picked him up from the shelter he had mange, fleas, and a yeast infection. Since then I found out he has terrible allergies and has had bacterial infections as well,” Carlie wrote on Instagram.

shelter dog sleeping

Link was shy and cautious at first, and he needed to acclimate to Carlie’s home first. He was still under a lot of stress due to his abandonment, and he definitely needed some time to start trusting again.

Link had a lot of support from his new family, especially his new doggo sibling, Toad. His new brother accepted him right off the bat. In a way, he perceived him as a baby, and was there for him any time Link cried or felt insecure.

“Anytime Link would sit there and whine and scratch, Toad would be right there sniffing him, nudging him,” Carlie told GeoBeats Animals.

big and small dog lying together

Only days later, the two bonded like real brothers, and Link started behaving like a brand-new dog. He even picked his favorite sleeping spot in the house – Toad’s crate!

“Link loves to get cozy in Toad’s giant crate,” Carlie wrote on Instagram.

Within two years of being in Carlie’s home, Link’s fur completely transformed. He was now a brand-new fluff who enjoyed every single second of his new life.

He and Toad go on walks together, cuddle on a couch, and take cozy naps next to each other. Despite their size differences, they fit perfectly, leaving everyone they meet amazed by their wonderful relationship!

small senior dog indoors

It is safe to say that this 18-year-old boi is enjoying his little life in Oklahoma. He has a cataract in one eye, which partially affects his sight, but Link doesn’t let that change the fact that he’s just the happiest boi!

His mom is still unsure of his bloodline. Many people suggested that he has Chihuahua in him, but considering his character and the fact that, unlike Carlie’s previous Chis, Link just loves the rain, he’s probably a different breed.

At this point, it doesn’t matter anymore, as the only thing important to Carlie is to give Link a memorable final chapter of his life!

dog covered with gray blanket

“I feel lucky that I saw him, and I get to take care of him and make sure he’s okay, and he can feel love in the last few years of his life,” says Carlie.

Together with Toad, the three have an amazing time together, making memories for a lifetime and embarking on exciting adventures on a daily basis.

Once a crying boi mourning over the loss of his family, Link now has his own family – this time forever!