Here Is Your Weekly Treat Of Adorable Animals To Boost Serotonin Levels

Animals have all the goodness of this world.

Hello everyone! Hope you guys are doing great but we know you must be missing your weekly treat of adorable animals. It’s hard for an animal lover to go on with life without some animals’ treat. You will get to see some adorable animals getting their photoshoot done, doggos enjoying their life, cats being their mischievous selves and much more. This week’s collection will make you smile, get emotional or make you go adopt a pet. Well, anything is possible here. So, are you ready for extra cuteness and extra goodness? If yes, scroll down.


1. “Jax is 13 years young, he can’t walk very far nowadays but would be heart broken if we didn’t take him for a walk. So we pull him in his wagon!”

2. “This young French girl showing off her cat ,1959.”

Cats have always been loved by humans.

3. When life gives you a cute dog, recreate artwork with him:


4. “It was picture day at doggy day care today.”


He knows exactly how to pose for the camera.

5. “I foster and socialize feral kittens/cats so that they can be adopted. My greatest accomplishment was getting them all to lookup at the same time. Meet Sam, Frodo, Merry and Pippin.”


6. Does not he look like Dante from Coco?

7. “Any name ideas? He is an Australian Cattle Dog (aka Blue Heeler)”


8. The face they make when mom and dad get ready to go out without them:


9. “My cat on drugs after surgery”


She is in another world.

10. Batman in the house:


Animal photos always make us as happy and energetic as ever. See a happy doggo playing in the playground or some cats eating their food and you will instantly feel fresh. Animals have nothing but goodness. Animals have a positive vibe and they make sure to spread it around. We hope you are feeling as pawsitive as we are feeling after getting our weekly treat of adorable animals. Scroll down, we have more for you!

11. When you wake up to squirrels napping outside your window:


12. Comet enjoying his car ride:


13. 10 years of transformation:


14. Leave your sparkle wherever you go:


15. “My coworker is a creep. Should I contact HR or nah…?”


If creepy coworkers look this cute, we would love to have creepy coworkers then.

16. “HR made my dog a badge since she’s been joining me in the office the last year”


Leela has officially become the company’s new employee.

17. Me walking out of the room after an argument:


18. “Italian cat”


19. Couple photoshoots are our favorite.


20. “The moment my rescue finally let my fiancé hug him. It took over 2 years.”