Horses are baby’s best friends. The boy visits the horses every day

When a child is born, he is surrounded only by close people who give him love and care. Looking at mom and dad, the baby learns to communicate, he comes to realize his personality. There is no self-interest in children, they always see and feel where is good and sincerely believe in good feelings and intentions. Childish spontaneity is about faith in miracles, naivete to see the world as simple. Children have a special relationship with animals, because pets always sincerely love their owners, especially children.

In a family of farmers, a baby is growing up, who is only 3 years old. A child from an early age communicates with animals, especially horses. Every morning begins with a meeting with the horses. The boy runs up to the corral and tries to reach the animals. The horses already know that the boy will come to them and are waiting by the fence. Clever animals, seeing that the baby cannot reach them, descend and sit on the ground themselves, so that the boy could stroke them. Animals give children positive emotions, make them smile and admire their spontaneity.

Scientists have proven that the communication of young children with animals has a positive effect on their psycho-emotional state. Some moms and dads are sure that a pet for a child is just a living toy that can move and make sounds without any button. There is some truth in this statement. Of course, every kid enjoys playing with his dog or cat. However, the animal participates in the game as equal with the child. This teaches children to interact in society, partnership, understanding the feelings and desires of another. So far, no toy in the world can perform such functions. From birth, the boy’s parents encouraged close contact with horses. Communication with animals develops in the child a sense of responsibility and affection, and also teaches him to love sincerely. After all, our pets, like children, love us for nothing, disinterestedly. It is very important to teach a child to care and kindness, because the animal world needs our help. We must teach our children to take care and protect animals.