I made it with my own hands for my grandson

An overseas grandfather loves his grandson so much that it doesn’t hurt to touch his eyes.  She made a cradle herself and gave it to her grandson. A cradle in the shape of a ship!

You can tell a lot of effort went into it and the satisfied smile on the grandfather’s face is impressive. It seems comfortable and the baby sleeps soundly. Here are some comments from overseas posting forums. I don’t know, maybe this kid doesn’t like sushi.

Wow, this is beautiful!
It will definitely be a wonderful memory for your family. Plus, it will be a keepsake photo that will last for generations.

Truly unbelievable !
There is a lot of time, effort, dedication and love that has gone into this work. Even if it’s a gift that can only be used for about 3-5 months.

My husband also made the same crib for his grandson in 2005. I made cushions and bedding, and my husband made a crib to give to our grandson.
I attached a clip to keep the crib from shaking. When my grandson grew up, he used it as a toy box. It has been placed on the floor so you can sit inside and play.

Does anyone think this is dangerous? It’s a really cool concept, but I don’t think it’s safe for babies.  It’s true. The baby should wear steel-toed shoes in case of a fall. However, the child is barefoot. I think it’s for newborns. They move as fast as potatoes. It’s dangerous if your baby starts to sit up. I think this is a design that allows the cradle to be placed on the ground. Plus, it’s pretty, so I’d put a cactus inside.

I’m sure this photo is old, so I’m assuming the baby is college age.

I wonder if his name is “Noah”.

↑Moses is fine too.

I wonder if it can also work as a boat.

It will make a good memory.It’s true that it would be a shame to end it in the crib, so I would like to keep it as a souvenir, like a toy box.