Little girl desperately wants to calm giant horse – now watch the animal’s reaction

When we are faced with unfamiliar animals bigger than ourselves, our instinct is to be cautious. It takes a while for animals to get to know us, they need to smell us and get used to our voices before trust can be established.

But children don’t understand this and usually want to get straight in there and start hugging the animal.

However big or small you are, animals can sense when you love them and are no threat and this huge horse is  no exception.

Watch what happens when 5-year-old Lilly Rae comforts a giant horse; the video has gone viral.



Photo: YouTube

Samantha Buncher captured the sweet moment when her daughter Lilly Rae comforted the huge horse.

The horses know Lilly Rae well, considering it’s her mom’s equestrian center, but she seems to have developed a particular bond with Mac the horse.

At the Tomball, Texas center horse lover Lilly starts hugging Mac’s head and immediately calms him down.

It’s such a sweet moment and it’s clear to see why this video has gone viral.

These two clearly love each other a lot!

Photo: YouTube

They both make each other very happy and Lilly shares with her mom that she gave Mac a treat.

Photo: YouTube

Watch the horse’s reaction when this sweet girl hugs the horse.

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