Mama Dog Kindly Asked Strangers To Rescue Her And Her Puppies From The Freezing Cold Weather

I often find myself fascinated by the many new reactions I see from animals. However, those that amaze me the most are dogs.

While I don’t understand why such simple things create such a reaction out of me, I guess I like seeing it because it reminds me of the good things in this world.

Seeing a mama dog show care for her children by asking nearby people for help is just one of those things, and it will be the topic of today’s story.

Barely Surviving In Freezing Weather

mama dog in front of a stranger

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Just as the cold weather was starting to get worse, a worried mama dog approached some Good Samaritans that were nearby and asked for help.

They saw her reaction – she was desperate and just wanted to feed her children somehow. It was an easy decision to make for these people.

Somebody had to do something, so they did. The little puppies ran after their mom after they saw she was trying to ask for help.

The weather was freezing cold and there was not much hope that they would survive like this unless they received proper help.

photo of dog and puppies in cold weather

There were a total of five puppies and they looked like they were well taken care of by their mom. This was just amazing.

They were all hiding out under some sort of construction or a building, but it was not safe there.

When the Good Samaritans approached the puppies, they started barking, as they did not trust these people yet.

However, luckily, that was all they could do. It made it easier for the rescuers to place them all in a vehicle and take them to a veterinarian clinic.

A Happy Resolution For All Of Them

sad puppy lying

After arriving, the checkup revealed that all of them were mostly healthy and only needed vaccinations.

Shortly after this, four out of five puppies were quickly adopted and taken to their forever homes. However, unfortunately, one of them, a puppy named Keri, was sick and still needed help.

She had Parvovirus, which is dangerous for puppies, but treatable. Poor Keri had to deal with these troubles alone, as her siblings were no longer there and her mom was taken to a shelter.

However, the veterinarians took good care of her and made sure she was comfortable the whole time she was there.

One week later, she got a lot better and recovered. She was now finally out of the woods and the vets allowed her to play with the other dogs.

two puppies in a shelter

She was just so happy to finally get a chance to explore and enjoy her life. Keri received one more vaccine and said goodbye to her friends.

After that, she was taken into the care of one of the rescuers who was just so happy to have her. As for the mom, she stayed in the shelter for a while, but was eventually adopted.

All of them are living amazing lives with the best families they could ever have and it’s just amazing to see.

As for Keri, on the other hand, it’s unclear if she was in foster care or adopted by her rescuers.

However, one thing for sure is that whoever she’s with, Keri is one amazing dog who can make anyone happy.