Mama Dog Who Lost Her Babies Makes An Amazing Recovery When She Adopts Baby Kittens

I have read so many stories about dogs, but the ones that are usually the hardest to go through are when something bad happens to the puppies.

They are so small and vulnerable, so seeing something tragic occur makes it difficult to bear as the babies didn’t even have a chance to start their life.

There are many instances of this happening all around the world, and it’s a problem that needs to be addressed more often.

In this story, we will talk about a mama dog who lost her babies and adopted kittens instead.

An Unfortunate Tragedy

the dog sits on a shaggy pillow with a sad downcast look

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Because Milo was not expected to have her babies for some time, it came as a tragedy when they learned that none of them had survived.

This left the mama dog in a depressed state and constantly checking to see if her babies were near her.

Anita Osa, who works for Sunshine Dog Rescue, in Arizona, made a post on social media, where she asked if people had any puppies who didn’t have a mom, so they could help them.

kittens suckle mother dog

That was not the case. People who responded said they only had kittens, so Osa decided to give it a shot and adopt them.

She went to the person in Arizona who had the kittens and brought them back home. Osa told The DodoPicked up three new little friends. Going to see how Milo takes to them. 

When she brought them to Milo, she noticed that the dog was completely relaxed around the kittens and was not showing any sign of aggression.

She slowly brought them to her and they started latching on to her. Osa said: From the very get-go I supplemented and bottle-fed. But they got the comfort of nursing on her. 

A Great Relationship And A New Future

little kittens walk in a blue box next to a dog

They got along really well and she was just so glad to see that. On one occasion, she took the kittens so she could feed them and Milo just couldn’t wait to see her new babies again.

The second she brought them back, Milo was just instantly excited to see them and started giving them kisses.

Osa was also surprised to see that the dog was way more attentive to one particular kitten compared to the other two.

Gumball usually got all the attention and she would not let him wander too far from her out of fear for her safety.

the cat approaches the dog lying on the red couch

When it came time for Milo to find her forever home, she was adopted by a man named David. 

He also had a sister who loved cats and wanted to adopt one. Osa thought this would be a great opportunity for Milo and Gumball to be reunited, so she let David’s sister adopt her.

As for the other two, they also found their forever home pretty quickly and are living their best life.

Osa said: These kittens got a mom and they wouldn’t have had a mom. For it to have such a heartwarming ending is a beautiful thing to us.