More And More Plus-Sized Celebrities Are Furious Airlines Are Starting To Weigh Passengers

Debate ensued on British television show GMB today as a plus-size model and a broadcaster clashed over the contentious issue of whether passengers should undergo weighing procedures before boarding flights. Hayley Hasselhoff, a 31-year-old American actress and plus-size model, expressed concern, stating that such measures could be triggering for individuals with eating disorders.

On the other hand, Mental Health Campaigner and broadcaster Neev Spencer argued that weighing passengers could be beneficial, as it might uncover underlying health issues.

The discussion arose following Finnair’s recent announcement that it would commence weighing passengers along with their carry-on luggage to more accurately estimate the aircraft’s weight before takeoff.

Hayley voiced her apprehension, highlighting the potential distress such practices could cause to vulnerable individuals. With an estimated 3.4 million people in the UK alone suffering from eating disorders, she emphasized the need for sensitivity and consideration.

“There needs to be a disclaimer,” she urged, pointing out the necessity for clear communication to passengers about the weighing process before they arrive at the airport. She stressed the importance of respecting individuals’ autonomy and right to privacy regarding their bodies and choices.

Neev countered by emphasizing the safety aspect of the measure, particularly for nervous flyers like herself. She commended Finnair for its proactive approach to operational strategy and safety standards, noting that if engineers deemed it safe, she was supportive.

However, Hayley reiterated the importance of providing passengers with a choice and ensuring transparency in the process. She emphasized that individuals should be informed beforehand and given the opportunity to opt out if they felt uncomfortable.


The debate resonated with viewers, who took to social media to share their opinions. While some expressed concerns about privacy and potential discrimination, others applauded the initiative, citing safety as paramount.

Finnair, in response to the controversy, clarified that the data collected during the weighing process would not be linked to passengers’ personal information. They assured passengers that only designated staff would have access to the total weight, ensuring confidentiality and peace of mind.

As the discussion continues to unfold, the balance between safety, privacy, and individual rights remains at the forefront of the debate surrounding passenger weighing procedures before flights.