My children hadn’t seen their father for a long time, but when they did, I couldn’t hold back my tears

A year ago, when our first child was born, my husband’s parents gifted us their apartment. For many, this would be a tremendous blessing, but I’m already dreaming of returning to our rented apartment, and it’s all because of our relatives. After our wedding, my husband and I were renting a small apartment. Both of us were working, paying rent, and considering taking out a mortgage for our own place in the future. But then, unexpectedly, I became pregnant.
We hadn’t planned on having children for the next two or three years, but it happened anyway. When my husband’s parents learned that they would soon have a grandchild, they decided to surprise us.

My father-in-law and mother-in-law bought a private house in the countryside for us, and they gifted us their three-bedroom apartment. My husband’s parents are quite wealthy, so they had the house renovated and furnished it with new furniture, appliances, and curtains. Nobody consulted us regarding the design choices, but we couldn’t be ungrateful. We gladly accepted the gift and moved in. However, who could have guessed that our lives would turn into a complete mess?

Several times a week, our relatives come to visit, meddling with everything and rearranging things to their liking. In those moments, I feel like a guest in my own home and have no say. My mother-in-law can go through our closets and storage rooms, even when we’re not at home. And what about personal space?

Can’t I leave a glass where it’s convenient for me? My husband’s parents come over, “clean up” our apartment, and throw away “unnecessary” things, which we then spend hours searching for. Once, my husband had a major argument with his father when he claimed to have accidentally thrown away my husband’s documents.
It resulted in a huge scandal, and we didn’t speak for a month. Now, my husband is thinking of how to get our keys back from them.