Police Dog And His Handler Retire Together

“This amazing K9 got to spend the last year of his life with the person he loved most”

After putting 32 criminals in jail, it’s time for this police K9 to retire but he’s not doing it alone.

K9 Officer Cooper put down his badge. After many years of service, which includes tracking down murder suspects, locating narcotics, and searching buildings, the hard-working K9 got a much-deserved break.

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But Cooper didn’t retire alone. His handler, Sergeant Dan Demler, is retired with him. The two of them were then able to enjoy spending more time just being together and more time with Sergeant Demler’s wife and kids.

Sergeant Demler and Cooper worked side-by-side for the South Bend Police Department in Texas for 6 years. During that time, they developed a very close bond and shared a deep love for each other.

Sergeant Demler loves all dogs but said Cooper was special. When they are at his home, they are best friends but at work, it was all business as they protected and served their community and kept each other safe.

Cooper was Demler’s third canine and the most special. But, Cooper was ready for some much-needed rest after suffering from some health issues that affected his leg. Cooper worked hard and deserved to spend the rest of his life as a much-loved family dog.

Cooper was used 163 times during his 6 years of service. He was responsible for putting 32 criminals in jail and helped keep his community and fellow officers safe.

Sergeant Demler got to retire with him so they will continue to spend all their time together. It is heartwarming that they were able to continue sharing their special b

Police K9s, and all officers, work tirelessly to serve and protect. It’s not every day that a K9 handler and their dog get to retire together so it was very special.

We hope you enjoyed watching their video. Sadly, K9 Cooper passed away a year after his retirement.

“The bond between officer and K9 is stronger than many of us will ever know. K9 Cooper retired late last year to live with Sgt. Dan Demler. Sadly, Cooper passed away this month. Demler remembers his partner and friend. Thank you for your service, Cooper.”

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