Police Dog That Got Fired For Being Too Friendly Gets A New Job

“His new job is perfect, and he looks good in his uniform!”

This police dog got fired for being too friendly. But don’t worry, he got a new, more suitable job.

This German Shepherd puppy from Australia wanted to be a good boy. He was a hard worker willing to train and learn all he could. Initially, he showed lots of promise and everyone assumed he was on his way to making a name for himself as a police dog.

The police department already had big plans for him. And, one of those was that he’d follow in the footsteps of his family members that served before him. The Queensland Police were so confident in his abilities, they were already boasting about his future.

Gavel had it all – prey drive, ball drive, calm nerves, and a willingness to learn. Gavel was getting prepared for his 16 months of police academy training. He was sure to be a star student and successful K9.

But before he had a chance to get started, one day he attended an elite function in honor of the Queen’s 90th birthday. There, he met a bunch of important people but one person, in particular, took a special liking to the puppy.

The Governor, Mrs. [Kaye] de Jersey could not keep her hands off of Gavel. She had a fondness for German shepherds and owned many. Although Gavel was attending the function on business, he was enjoying all the attention he was getting.

And, then things took a turn.

Normally police dogs in training reside at an officer’s home. But, this time, Gavel was sent to live in the Governor’s mansion while he awaited his police dog training. While there, a side of Gavel’s personality emerged.

Turned out, Gavel had a fondness for smelling the flowers and frolicking in the outdoors. He liked to rest, play with his toys, and would get lost for hours in his downtime. He was friendly, playful, full of puppy energy, and loved to meet new people.

Officials assumed Gavel was a late bloomer and would mature soon. So, they gave him a little more time to outgrow his puppy nature. But Gavel didn’t. He continued to act like a puppy so eventually, the police department discharged him from his training.

Gavel continued to live with the Governor of Queensland while they decided what to do with him. The friendly dog needed a job other than sniffing out bad guys. It turned out that he stayed and is now a Governor’s House Mascot and he gets to meet people from all over the world.

He also warms the heart of all the staff and visitors to the house. Gavel has truly found his calling. The sweet dog thrives in this job and it’s safe to say, doesn’t miss crime fighting but does look great in his uniform.

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