Pup That Was Returned Twice To The Shelter Hopes Her New Mom Will Finally Keep Her

One of the most heartbreaking things ever is seeing dogs get returned to the shelter after they were adopted, as their sad and disappointed faces can bring tears to one’s eyes.

There are many instances of this happening and, unfortunately, it happened to the pup of today’s story, too.

Lola was brought back to the shelter not once, but twice within seven months of her life.

This is why Lola was determined to make the best impression on the next family she goes home to. And, that’s exactly what she did.

Third Time’s The Charm

sad dog at the shelter

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When a woman by the name of Cristina Antonucci was surfing a pet rescue website, Lola’s beautiful black-and-white face caught her eye.

Being reminded of her childhood pup, an English Bull Terrier mix, Christina made the decision to meet this sweet pup in person.

“I remember seeing her sad eyes in the photo and just knew I had to bring her home. She came in with her foster mum and she was just the sweetest little thing and just sat on my feet straight away and looked up at me,” Christina told The Dodo.

Lola’s first adoption, when she was just a small pup, was by a teenager who, naming her Gucci Rose, returned her to the shelter after some time. Her second adoption ended up the same way as the owner, who did not have any previous dog parent experiences, did not really know how to take care of her needs.

As soon as she heard about her unfortunate past, Christina’s mind was made up. She was determined to adopt this sweet pup and provide her with the home she deserved all along.

photo of woman and a dog

As soon as Lola got to her new home, she made sure to show Christina just how much she appreciated what she had done for her.

“The first night I brought her home, she just lay on top of me for hours just hugging me. I was surprised how quickly she warmed up to me as I had only really spent the drive home with her at that point. It was like she was just so grateful which is why I also knew that I couldn’t let her down,” stated Christina.

dog lying next to a woman

New Life

Unfortunately, all of her past experiences left a mark on Lola, so she ended up doing some things she wasn’t really supposed to do.

Luckily, her new parents understood her situation and were very patient with her from the start.

“We had challenges with her digging in the backyard and trying to get through the fence to play with the neighbor’s dog. It definitely tested our patience, but we knew that if we didn’t have the patience that no one else would,” she said.

dog sitting on tile

Even through these hard times, Christina was grateful for Lola, as she had taught her very valuable life lessons.

“Lola has definitely taught me patience and persistence. You can’t just give up no matter the challenges. No one is perfect,” she added.

Luckily, her digging phase didn’t last long, as Lola switched her professions and became a back yard possum patroller instead.

Another thing that contributed to this change was the fact that she got a new baby brother, Lenny.

two dogs wearing bandanas sitting together

Lola was the happiest big sister ever knowing that she now has the cutest little companion to play with.

“They are now best of friends and all they do is play all day long. They have only been together for about a month and a half now but they just love each other. They even sleep on the same bed together,” she said.

Knowing that she succeeded in giving Lola a home where she could be happy and healthy made Christina very happy.

And, the little hiccups at the beginning made this so much sweeter.

“The highlight of my day is just coming home and spending time with her. She really does hold a special place in my heart,” Christina concluded.

photo of dog bitting into a watermelon