Pup Who Was Surrendered To The Illinois Shelter One Week After She Was Adopted Can’t Hide Her Sorrow

Being a dog owner is not an easy task. In a way, it’s like having a big baby all the time and you have to be attentive to their needs.

It’s the most joyous experience you will have in your life, but you also have to be prepared that it’s not always going to be sunshine and rainbows.

Sometimes, people would adopt without any realization of what they are getting into, and end up causing more harm than good for the poor dog who didn’t do anything wrong.

In this story, we will talk about a heartbreaking story that came from a viral video in which a dog was sent back to a shelter in Illinois after only one week.

A Very Sad Dog

dog looks up

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On October 2nd, 2023, a video was shared by NAWS Humane Society, in Illinois, where you can see a dog who was sent back to the shelter after spending only a week in his new home.

Fortunately, the clip went viral and this was brought to a lot of people’s attention, as it has become a big problem lately.

In the description of the video, it said: We are devastated for Sampson, he is back to looking for his forever home. Someone needs to give this boy a fighting chance!

Even though he was clearly sad being back in the shelter, his tail was wagging, which was a good sign.

Sampson was always a very kind and patient dog, so there was never any doubt that he would find a new family.

While there is still no news if he was adopted by someone or not, all we can do is raise awareness about this entire situation and remain hopeful.

A Viral Reaction

dog by the desk

As evidenced by the fact that the video went viral, there were a lot of reactions to this, and most people were expressing their sympathies for Sampson’s situation.

One commenter said: People need to understand adopted dogs need at least 5 months of adjustment and it can take longer than that. I know someone is gonna love him for good.

I wholeheartedly agree with this statement. It is absolutely crucial to give newly-adopted dogs a chance and not just give up on them right away when you feel like it.

Another commenter said: Hey guys! I also work in a shelter but sometimes it’s better they get returned ! Better than being neglected again because the people didn’t wanna put.

While that is true and Sampson might have avoided a lifetime of abuse, more needs to be done to ensure that all dogs find the right kind of families.

Lasty, one more commenter said: Poor Samson. He looks confused and although his tail is wagging I can feel his heartache. 

dog with blue scarf

It is absolutely crucial that people do not ignore this message, as it is important. Not all dogs are the same, and not all of them will fit in right away.

People need to be willing to give them a chance to grow and be better, and not just abandon them at the first opportunity. That is the only way.