Real-Life Great Grandchildren Of The Von Trapp Family Perform A Breathtaking Version Of ‘Edelweiss’

This exceptional performance is by the real-life Von Trapp Family’s great-grandchildren who showed up at an office in Columbus, Ohio, and gave this spectacular impromptu performance.

Edelweiss," performed by the von Trapp Singers - YouTube

This impromptu performance from the relatives of a seriously famous family of musicians was said to be “out of the goodness of their hearts”. The video was uploaded by “FIGBAR FILMS” to their YouTube channel where the owner of the channel explained what actually happened that day. You can watch their magical performance of ‘Edelweiss’ in the video below.

The von Trapps

FIGBAR FILMS said: “Once again, everyone needs to understand that these “kids“ showed up at the office where I work in Columbus Ohio, sang for our staff out of the goodness of their hearts…this was completely an impromptu performance. I work for a video production company…someone grabbed a camera and shot this. They were extremely humble and lovely people. I’m so happy people can watch this and be so touched by it. I have been contacted by the von Trapp great-grandkids and they have provided a link in the description of this video about what they are doing. They are absolutely fine with this video being posted and are touched by all the great responses and feedback.”

Who Are They?

These brilliant singers are the great-grandchildren of Georg von Trapp and step-great-grandchildren of Maria, Georg’s second wife.

Sofia, Melanie, Amanda, and August von Trapp previously performed together as a quartet for over a decade under the name the von Trapps, however, they have since decided to pursue individual musical careers but still “They continue to make special guest appearances with friends and artists.”

Who Were The Von Trapp Family?

The Trapp Family (AKA The Von Trapp Family) was a family of Austrian singers fathered by Georg von Trapp a former naval commander. The family became famous in Austria between the first and second World Wars. The family would eventually emigrate to the USA to seek refuge permanently from the deteriorating situation in Austria during the Second World War. Their inspirational story became the basis for Two German Films and Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Broadway musical “The Sound of Music”. Maria Franziska was the last surviving member of the original seven Trapp children who died aged 99 in 2014.

Maria Von Trapp Teaches Julie Andrews How To Yodel

In the video below the real Maria von Trapp teaches the actor who plays her in The Sound Of Music, Julie Andrews, how to Austrian yodel. This is a brilliant bit of musical comedy and talent!