Round house: construction of a stratodesic dome

The young couple decided not to buy an apartment, but to build their own house.

In search of original project, they traveled to many places and finally settled on a round house.

The house is a stratodesic sphere. Young people decided to apply to a construction company,

as they had neither experience nor skills in the field of construction and architecture.

At the beginning of the construction, they dug a pit, where they poured the foundation,

which consisted of crushed stone and sand, then they tamped it all and poured it with concrete.

Дома купольного типа. Всё о купольных домах: полезная информация по строительству, планировке, отделке. Сферические дома на фото

Before making the floor, they put a layer of insulation. A very rare type of insulation was chosen,

it is a mixture of seaweed and coconut fiber, which is environmentally friendly. Another plus of such a heater is that it does not ignite,

but smolders. The stratodesic sphere consists of twelve wooden beams, which are specially made in

a concave form and are assembled on site instead of walls.

Outside, the Walls were overlaid with wooden rectangles in three layers, which were made of larch.

Круглый дом: конструкция стратодезического купола // FORUMHOUSE - YouTube

It turned out both environmentally friendly and beautiful. And most importantly, larch is a very durable wood and becomes stronger over the years.

From the inside, the couple decided not to paint or glue wallpaper, but to leave the look of natural wood.

They just treated it with a special material that soaked in and made the walls waterproof.

It was decided not to zone the space in the house much.

They made a spacious living room adjacent to the kitchen, and on the second floor made two bedrooms.

The house also has a boiler room and two bathrooms. A wooden spiral staircase leads to the second floor under the dome.

A metal cap was installed on the top of the dome, so that in winter there was no snow, and during the rains the water flowed down.

The couple were very pleased with the house.