Sad Dog Covered In Bite Wounds Overcomes Past Trauma With The Help Of His New Mom

They say that difficult roads lead to the most wonderful destinations, and that’s certainly how Bubby would describe his life if he could talk!

Found as a stray full of bite wounds, this boi from California literally didn’t know how to dog. He was a victim of animal cruelty and used as a bait dog his whole life until a group of kind-hearted rescuers decided to give him a chance.

However, Bubby’s recovery was a long shot, as he needed someone to dedicate all of their time and patience for him to embark on a transformative journey. Luckily, that someone was just behind the corner!

Bubby’s Backstory

sad dog sitting on wooden deck

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Being a stray dog covered in wounds, Bubby was taken to Stanislaus Shelter Friends where he was taken care of for two whole months. Sadly, this poor boi was put on the euthanasia list, but the good people of South County Tail Waggers saved him at the last moment.

When Katharine finally got him, he had no idea what she was getting herself into. Bubby was still a shut down dog, with absolutely no idea how to behave around humans.

dog sitting in flower field

The first time he walked into his new momma’s home, he immediately curled up in his soft bed and slept there – for 24 hours straight.

He definitely needed some time to adapt to the fact that he finally had someone who would shower him with endless love and affection. And, the good news was – Katharine had all the time and space in this world!

She is a park ranger in the beautiful Pinnacles National Park in California, and the fact that Bubby now had endless space to move and investigate freely was just precious.

He eventually came out of his shell and started showing love to his housemates. Still, Bubby needed a lot of emotional support, and he chose the perfect tool to comfort himself!

Every morning, he takes his blankie from his bed and carries it around the house with him to feel safer.

His mom is aware of the fact that Bubby would probably always have that tiny piece of trauma somewhere deep inside him, but she’s at least happy that he learned how to deal with it.

“I know he still remembers his past because sometimes it comes back to haunt him and he needs extra comfort and reassurance; but I also know that he is truly so happy and fulfilled and forgiving that whatever happened before I got him doesn’t matter anymore,” Katharine wrote on Instagram.

“He knows he is safe now and I’ll never ever let anyone hurt him again,” she continues.

The Road To Emotional Recovery

dog leaning on woman's shoulders

Katharine adopted another dog, Simon, who was also a victim of animal abuse, just a few months after Bub. Getting a sibling who completely understood him was a wonderful thing for the whole family.

Day after day, Bubby completely opened his heart to his loved ones and became just the sweetest, cheekiest doggo!

“He is completely unrecognizable from the dog I first met – not just physically, but emotionally too. He went from being depressed and suspicious to being the cheeky, happy, zoomie boy that he is today,” Katharine wrote on Instagram.

In the Instagram video she posted, Katharine explains that he completely went from a depressed, broken dog to a family sweetheart. Bubby became her own mind-reading soulmate with whom she feels connected more and more every day.

Instead of having a sudden outburst due to his horrible past, Bub learned how to use his past as a strength, and now it is safe to say that he is an emotional support companion to everyone in the family.

two dogs lying on couch

Together with the rest of his lifelong companions, Bub takes on endless adventures every day! He goes hiking, takes road trips, and absolutely enjoys visiting the ocean!

He definitely feels the urge to be with his owners every minute. If he sees a dad lying in a hammock or a mom resting on the couch – he’ll just get in there and make room for himself. He just loves sharing long cuddle sessions with the family.

Once an abused dog, Bubby’s now a brand-new boi who loves every single thing about his new life!