Seeing a cat in front of the door, the parrot decided to tease him

A lovely tabby cat named George resides in New Zealand. Due to his high levels of sociability and friendliness, he frequently visits neighbors. Because the cat observed colorful parrots that reside behind a glass door, there have recently been additional causes for visits. Purring literally anticipated a closer “acquaintance”—what if you were able to make money off a new bird?

George spotted the story’s protagonist, a green-feathered “man” with a scarlet beak and matching “necklace.” He goes by Oscar, and he stands out for his brains and creativity. The parrot is talkative and enjoys conversing. However, practice has proven that Oscar enjoys playing around and making jokes about unexpected visitors.

Aware of the cat’s
The parrot’s mistress observed and captured this scene. The video quickly became popular over the internet! The stupid parrot and the displeased cat, whose schemes to make money off the bird have obviously failed, make everyone who watches it grin! By the way, Oscar is friends with Poppy, a different parrot. He has a gray body, a pink neck, and a snow-white head. The two feathery friends get along well, albeit it is unknown if he enjoys teasing the cat like our hero Oscar. Though we’re sure George is disappointed, he might still stop by the parrot.