Some of these birds are so beautiful that they are considered ornamental

The animal world is diverse and unique, but birds are especially attractive and bright. The variety of birds on earth is amazing. Birds are beautiful animals. They have adapted to live in various environments around the world. There are over 10,000 different bird species. They are very different and have definitely various characteristics.
However, there are among them those who are real beauties. Here are some particularly beautiful ones.

Beautiful bird

The Nicobar pigeon tops the list. This bird has an unusual combination of colors in its feathers, which shimmer with neon colors. The bird mostly lives on uninhabited islands in the jungle in small flocks. The next unusual species is the painted bunting. The male of this bird is considered the most beautiful representative of birds. Its head is covered with dark blue feathers, its back is green, and the lower part of the body is red.

This bird is easy to identify due to the unusual color of its plumage, but it cleverly hides in dense foliage. The plumage of females and young painted buntings is green and yellow-green, which serves as camouflage. The paradise bird is a real miracle of nature. The appearance of these creatures is beautiful and inimitable.Paradise birds have a powerful, most often long beak. The color of their feathers can be very diverse. Many species are characterized by bright and saturated shades, feathers can be red and gold, as well as blue or blue, there are dark varieties with shiny, like metal, shades. Raysie birds are not fabulous creatures, but living creatures that live mainly in the forests of Indonesia.

Beautiful bird
And the mandarin duck closes the list of nature beauties. This is one of the most beautiful and spectacular representatives of the fauna. The unique appearance and amazing fidelity to the partner made the bird a symbol of family happiness in China. It is often depicted in paintings decorating bridal salons, and sometimes even presented as a gift on the wedding day. The mandarin duck is a decorative bird that has a bright and unusual plumage. Its species are mainly found in China and Russia․