The boy performed in the competition for the second time with all his charm and powerful voice and passed to the next stage.

Vldislav Tyukin is a talented young performer who became the winner of “Voice-children”. He is from Saint Petersburg. At the age of twelve, the boy can sing beautifully in both English and Russian. His ability to handle Russian songs gave him such an advantage over the audience.
Vladislav Tyukin was born in 2008 in the family of an aviator and a musician. The boy inherited abilities from both his father and mother. He loved airplanes and everything related to them from an early age. And his mother, Irina, who is a professional pianist and vocalist, helps him in his musical endeavors. According to him, Vladislav himself showed interest in music. She and her husband did not offer her anything.

Charming contestant wins 'The Voice Kids' after barely surviving blind  audition – WWJD

From the age of four, Vlasislav was raised only by his mother. But this does not prevent him from maintaining warm relations with his father. He continues to support his son in all his endeavors. At the age of seven, Vladislav also started playing the piano, from the age of ten he fell in love with singing. Vladislav has very good vocal abilities. He was immediately noticed. In 2018, he participated in the “Variety Stars” competition. Although he did not win any awards that time, the audience remembered him for his charisma and unique style.

Young singer makes incredible run to Voice Kids Russia win

During the hearing, the judges did not immediately like Vladislav. As they later said, their singing seemed boring and rational. But already in other competitions, Vladislav showed his talent in all its glory. He performed Alla Pugacheva’s song, where he revealed his entire vocal range. Both the judges and the audience were delighted. Everyone unanimously agreed that the boy definitely has talent. Vlad also shone in the finals and superfinals. He worked beautifully with text and music. He again chose Alla Pugacheva’s song for performance, which also contributed to his success. Vladislav undoubtedly deserved the victory. He should be given the opportunity and helped to discover his abilities. In the final, she had very strong competitors Masha Politikova and Lisa Trofimovat. This time Vladislav performed the song “Queen “Who Wants to Live Forever” and it was the right choice. He also performed the song flawlessly in English, which impressed the judges. Vlad proved to everyone that he deserves to win. the boy deservedly won the first place due to his abilities and talent.