The couple bought a cistern and within a year turned it into a house that made it onto the cover of a magazine.

The young family solved the housing problem by buying an old cistern. The couple invested the last money in it and quite predictably caused criticism from friends. However, in just a year, the old silo was transformed into a fashion house that featured on the cover of a design magazine. A married couple bought a silo tower built in 1955.

She was brought to the site and began to prepare for the transformation into a real home. The head of the family is an experienced architect, so he immediately understood the scope of work.


The corrugated steel plating was retained, but repainted white to reflect the sun’s rays. Round doors and windows were made to order, the main entrance was made sliding. The total area of the house is only 31 square meters.

Thanks to a competent approach, everything fit: the kitchen, shower and cabinets are arranged in a circle, the central space is residential. The furniture is also integrated into the interior, the bedroom is located on the second floor. The unique project was quickly shortlisted for a design competition and then won it.

A short video tour of the house: The cost of building the house has not been disclosed. But it is unlikely that it cost more than an ordinary apartment in a good area.