The couple spent all their money on an old bus and made their friends laugh. A year later, many envied them – the couple traveled all over the country

We will all survive in a crazy rhythm, working day and night, not having time to do anything but sleep and eat.

The young couple, tired of such a life, decided to change everything.

The guys worked as bartenders and did not even rest on weekends..

They rented a tiny apartment, since prices in the city were greatly inflated.

For several years, young people saved money from their salaries, but instead of an apartment, they bought an old bus..

Their friends were shocked by such a purchase and thought that this was some kind of joke.

But the couple was serious and did not joke at all.

They decided to make a motor home out of a used bus.

Пара потратила все деньги на автобус и не пожалела

Every day after work, they spent the whole night in the garage, equipping their future home.

When all the work was completed, they invited friends to look at the result.

An old rusty bus turned into a cozy motorhome.

They did electrical wiring and made plumbing wounds.

Their friends and acquaintances could not believe their eyes.

The bus had all the amenities. Soft cozy sofa with pillows, Armchairs with a table, toilet and bathroom.

Старый автобус стал домом на колесах

And most importantly, everything was done in a very calm manner with small bright accents.

Young people decided to leave their jobs and start traveling.

They explained their decision to those who no longer wanted to be hostages of society and the system, paying regular taxes and utilities.

They want to be free and enjoy life every day.

Young people could collect some more money and still buy a small apartment, but nothing would have changed,

they would have worked day and night without rest. By purchasing a house on wheels, they became free.

This decision was not easy for them, everyone around dissuaded them.

But the young people remained on their own.

Soon, some of their acquaintances and friends were also interested in the mobile housing option.

The guys are happy to tell you how they built and equipped the bus.