The dog came home with a bag, but what’s inside stunned an entire world

The dog Pui was out looking for food at a dumpster in the district Tha Rua in Thailand. But he found something completely different. Now all of Thailand is praising the dog as a hero.


The inhabitants were familiar with Pui wandering around by himself in the area and from time to time bark at people. He never used to drag things home with him, but this time was different.


Pui was looking for food at a dump when he found a white bag containing something strange. Carefully, he picked up the bag with his mouth and carried it all the way home to his owner Gumnerd Thongmak. He placed the bag on the balcony and started barking.

Gumnerds niece overheard Pui and went out. But when she examined the bag she was shocked. There was a newborn little baby girl.


They covered the little baby in blankets and rushed to the hospital. At the hospital, they found that she was born two months early and weighed 2,5 kilos.


The government suspect that the mother is a teenager from another district and that she abandoned the baby because she couldn’t take care of it. If Pui wouldn’t have been there, the baby girl probably not been alive for too long.


Some time after the rescue, June 2013, Pui was rewarded with a medal and his owner got a reward of 300 dollars. The money was well received since the family was poor and didn’t have a lot of money.



– It was lucky that Pui found the child. It was a surprise for us since he usually never brought anything home. It must have been faith, Poomrat Thongmak told a local newspaper.