The dog made the choice to wait for assistance with his critically injured pregnant companion

It was a dark and stormy night when Sally, a pregnant stray cat, was hit by a car on a busy road. She lay there, badly injured and unable to move, as the rain pelted down on her fragile body.

Just when she thought all hope was lost, a kind and loyal dog named Max appeared by her side. Max had been out for his nightly walk when he heard Sally’s cries for help and rushed to her aid.
Despite the danger of being hit by passing cars, Max refused to leave Sally’s side and vowed to stay with her until help arrived. He curled up next to her, offering comfort and warmth as they waited for rescue.

As the hours ticked by, Max kept watch over Sally, protecting her from the elements and any other dangers that may have come their way. His devotion and bravery were a beacon of hope in an otherwise bleak and uncertain situation.
Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, a passing car stopped and a kind Samaritan called for help. Max stayed by Sally’s side as the rescue team arrived and carefully loaded her into the ambulance, ready to receive the medical attention she desperately needed.