The dog was moved to travel everywhere, seeking flowers to bring to his owner’s grave

The dog asked for flowers to visit his owner’s grave, causing millions of hearts to sob

The clip of the dog going to a flower shop asking for flowers to put on the grave of the deceased owner made millions of hearts sob. The clip is just over two minutes long, but makes anyone who sees it can’t help but feel emotional. The dog asked for flowers to visit his owner’s grave.
In the clip, a dog in China came to the flower shop very early. The shop owner saw the dog sitting in front of the stall and thought it was hungry, so she went in to get food.

However, this dog turned away, understood the girl’s meaning and immediately turned to get a rose, this dog just sniffed and then turned away.

She moved to get a white lily, when the dog was delighted to see it, then put it in his mouth and took it away.
The dog went to the flower shop early to ask for flowers.
The dog that carried the flower went a long way to the grave of his deceased mistress. Placing the flower on the grave, it flutters with strange cries that anyone can understand that it is talking to its owner and bringing her flowers.

A dog holding a flower goes a long way.
After placing the flower, the dog quietly lay down, his head towards the owner’s grave with sobs and sad eyes. Looking at this picture, anyone can’t help but be moved. Member May He commented: “The dog is really like a soulmate and it is the most loyal animal of man”.
Member Tina Tran expressed: “The clip makes me unable to hold back tears, the dog is too cute, too loyal to her owner. Sometimes it’s even better than a human.”