The house has stood empty for over 70 years, but the things inside are still in place.

A lot of monuments of ancient architecture and art have survived to our times. But even ordinary mansions and manors of the Middle Ages are very interesting buildings. Not only abandoned houses have been preserved in different parts of our world but even whole palaces and fortresses. Many places like for example, palaces belonging to kings and the emperor, have now been turned into museums where everyone can go and move into the atmosphere of past centuries.

Photographer Jason Eliot was very interested in various old abandoned places. His photographs are very famous at various exhibitions as he very clearly conveys the atmosphere of the places where he shoots. The photographer found one such abandoned estate in a small town in Britain.

The estate approximately dates back to the 1950s of the 19th century and no one has been living there for a long time. However, the interior of the house looks as if people have just left it. All the things, furniture and even dishes on the table remained untouched.

Only a thick layer of dust and mold on the wallpapers shows that nobody has lived here for a long time . The house is located in the middle of a forest, presumably there used to be a beautiful garden around the house, but instead of a garden, everything has long been covered with thickets. The atmosphere of the house both inside and outside is fascinating. It feels as if the ghosts of the last owners still live in the house.

The estate has been abandoned for more than 70 years. But after standing for so many years, it did not collapse and looked residential. No one knows who lived there and for what reason people left their home in such a hurry without taking an any thing with them. Photos of the abandoned house brought fame to the photographer and spread all over the networks and newspapers.