The hunting dog, who is described as “broken,” is putting all his effort into wagging his tail to attract those around him to come closer

Once a proud hunting dog, the old hound had spent his life running through the woods, tracking prey with his keen sense of smell and sharp instincts. But as the years passed, his once powerful body began to weaken and his senses began to dull.

Now, the hunting dog found himself relegated to the corner of the yard, his body battered and bruised from years of hard use. But despite his brokenness, he refused to let go of the joy and loyalty that had always defined him.
One sunny day, as the hunting dog lay basking in the sun, he noticed a group of children playing in the nearby field. Their laughter and shouts of joy filled the air, and the old hound’s tail began to wag with excitement.

For a moment, he forgot about his aches and pains and focused all his energy on wagging his tail as hard as he could, hoping to attract the attention of the children.
To his delight, the children noticed him and ran over to the fence, eager to pet him and give him attention. The old hunting dog basked in the warmth of their affection, his tail wagging faster and faster as he reveled in the joy of being loved and appreciated.

For the rest of the day, the hunting dog soaked up the attention of the children, wagging his tail with all his might and relishing in the feeling of being needed and wanted. And even though his body was broken, his spirit remained strong, fueled by the love and joy of those around him.