The judges initially doubt the girl’s voice, but their skepticism turns to astonishment: “It’s not normal!”

Amira Willighagen’s rendition of “O Mio Babbino Caro” on Holland’s Got Talent took everyone by surprise. While the song is already well-known and covered by many singers, the 9-year-old’s performance was nothing short of extraordinary.

Given the complexity of operatic pieces, the judges were initially skeptical about Amira’s song choice. However, as soon as she began to sing, her angelic voice captivated everyone in the room. Within moments, any doubts were replaced with admiration for her talent and skill.

By the end of her performance, it was clear that Amira’s vocal prowess deserved recognition. The judges had no hesitation in awarding her a Golden Ticket, ensuring her progression to the next stage of the competition.

Despite her young age, Amira’s voice embodies a level of power and perfection rarely seen. Her passion for opera has undoubtedly paid off, resulting in a rich and unique sound that sets her apart from others. As she advances to the live show, audiences eagerly anticipate what this young soprano will deliver next, knowing they are witnessing the rise of a true musical prodigy.