The jury compared this girl with a famous singer. She came out with a powerful voice

The famous television show ‘America’s Got Talent’ has been characterized by surprising the world with the incredible performances of people who have dared to show their talents; many of them unexpected and others simply amazing. And this time, the one in charge of surprising the jury and the massive audience was a 13-year-old girl named Courtney Hadwin, originally from County Durham, England.

As the music begins to play, a silence fills the entire place, leaving the audience in expectation. After a few seconds, the famous Otis Reeding song “Hard to Handle” begins to play, which has been covered by numerous artists such as The Black Crowers, who made this song famous in the 90s. With Courtney’s first dance step, the entire audience is shocked, but it’s when she starts singing that she really leaves everyone spellbound.

 In the middle of her interpretation, expressions of astonishment can be heard from the jurors and people begin to stand up to applaud and encourage her to the end. At the end of her performance, she receives a standing ovation, as well as praise from Simon Cowell and Howie Mendel, who compares her to 60s singer Janis Joplin and also decides to hit the gold button to send her straight to the live shows, she couldn’t! It would have been a better night for Courtney. Don’t forget to share this note with your friends, so they don’t miss the incredible voice of the 13-year-old girl who surprised everyone.